Reasons To Hire An Acting Coach

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When To Hire An Acting Coach

Denzel Washington’s Coach Herman Boone in “Remember the Titans” is considered a “mean cuss” by pushing his players to the limit.

When a person is serious about beginning a career in acting, it is important to consider hiring an acting coach. Classes are just the start of a long road after a person is prepared for some intense training. An acting coach can be the item that boosts a person to the next level. This expert will provide one on one advice and an advantage in a competitive field.

An acting coach gives individual attention to all students and bridges the gap through rough patches when attempting to get accepted in certain programs or uncovering a good agent. An agent with connections and a great coach will help any actor with a stagnate career find good jobs. Hiring an acting coach is definitely a step in the right direction when times seem bleak.

Hiring an acting coach does not come cheap, but it is important to spend the necessary money to find the right person. A qualified acting coach will recognize talent and discover ways to get a student to do their very best. Since there are many coaches to choose from, it is important to talk to references and shop around.

Some coaches offer a free class or initial consultation to uncover if a successful partnership can be developed. No two coaches are the same. Each will have a particular expertise and personality. It is essential to search until the right coach is found. This person will be a key piece of getting ahead int he industry. A person does not need to only look close to home for a good coach. Using the internet as a resource for information, a person can look through a broader area that far away from the surrounding location.

Acting is a competitive environment. A person must have talent, expertise, and experience. A solid acting coach can provide the necessary training to gain jobs that make the future career prosperous. It is essential to spend whatever it takes to find the perfect compliment for specific needs. Even though an acting coach may be an expensive proposition, it will be worth every penny. The return on investment can be very great.

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Pilot Season

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pilot season

Pilot Season Is Here!

Pilot Season is approaching and I like many actors are hoping for a chance to land a pilot. I have had the chance to learn the lay of the land being that I lived in LA for the last 4 years. I will tell you pilot season has it ups and downs! Last year for me it was really slow. I went out for a few of them but it was the slowest year for me. Usually, I am auditioning  a lot more but I think since the writers strike and the economy things are a bit different.

Big Name Actors For Pilot Season

Now big name actors that work in Film are taking the roles for upcoming actors. Its a winning situation for lots of the producers of the shows during pilot season. They will get big name actors at the fraction of the cost. This means less and less roles available for upcoming actors. However, there are still roles available. It is defiantly a lotto but if you get the right break it can change your career in a heartbeat.

Pilot Season Tips To Book Your Dream Pilot

So I wanted to share some tips for those of you coming out for the first time during this madness. First of all please come to LA with representation of some sort. Be it a manager or agent that can send you into auditions. Look for representation that has good relationships with the casting community in LA.

If casting directors have not seen you during the fall season it makes your chances harder to be seen during pilot season. So please please please do not come here for your first time and expect to land one. That only happens to a select few but think it up there with getting struck by lighting.

If you are coming out here for the first time then you can get your feet wet by going a few auditions. This is your chance to shine and get seen. Perhaps you may not be right for the role but now you are on the casting directors radar.

For those of you with a bit more experience during plot season know to prepare for fierce competition. Eat well, get lots of rest when you can, and avoid partying too hard. The last thing you need is a Lindsey Lohan reputation following you around. Network TV is super conservative and are always looking to protect their shows. If you can afford coaching by all means treat yourself to this! It always helps to get a veteran pair of eyes to review your audition material.

When you get in the room be sure to stay relaxed. You may have to do the audition a few times if you get lucky to go to producers and test for the role. If you get this far remember its because you earned your right to be there. So have fun and do great work!  I wish you the best and hope you make the best of every opportunity to grow as a stronger actor this pilot season.


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Acting Degrees: A Requirement Or Receipt?

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How important are acting degrees?

Acting is a very competitive field. Most of the success of the big name actors is a mix of talent, training, and just plain luck. Acting is like most acting degreesother jobs in that way, except the field is flooded with would be actors. However, many people who aspire to become actors want to know what type of acting degrees they need in order to become an actor.  Hoping that an acting degrees will give them an edge. In short, while the training is great, it will not guarantee you a career as an actor.

Formal Route Towards Acting Degrees

Traditional schooling is great, but again you do not need a B.A. or B.F.A to become an actor. It goes without saying that the training and possible connections you can make while in college are definitely an incentive. Depending on whether you want be stage or screen actor will dictate your path. There are actually some directors that actually prefer that an actor, before submitting to a casting, have a degree. The distinction is some prefer it, not all require it. All directors will agree that there is a big difference between a trained and an untrained actor.

Trained actors have been taught acting techniques and tips in school and are more “in their head” because their success in school depended on learning certain techniques. The auditions of formally trained actors are unequivocally more polished. Whereas some untrained actors have what is regarded as a rawer edge and have better instincts. It all depends on what a director wants and the direction of the movie or play.

However, it must be said, that there is a group of directors that will only allow formally trained actors to audition for a part because they have a working knowledge of the industry and possess a certain capacity to learn. Needless to say, if an aspiring actor chooses acting degrees at traditional schooling it can be a very expensive option.

The type of education that an aspiring actor will receive at a four year college will vary by college. There are some theatre-focused schools that start its students off immediately in the theatre program, while most other colleges and universities have their students taking university requirements or general education courses.

Coaching Acting Degrees

If you choose to forgo college in favor of private coaching from a theatre vet or acting coach, this too can be a very expensive process and will also take a much longer time to learn all of the skills and techniques that one is taught in school. However, if you have been out of school for a while, taking a private coaching session to brush up on some techniques that you may have forgotten about is always a good idea.

As with any career, on the job training is typically the best because you get to learn the business while you are working. Many aspiring actors try their hand at some sort of apprenticeship or become the assistant of a director. Of course those positions are typically unpaid, but the experience that you gain is priceless.

No matter what direction you choose to your career as an actor, in order to stay on top of your game, it is always good to take refresher courses. For more information on Acting Degrees and more click here.

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An Actors Road To Great Acting Classes

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Ah acting classes. Following your dreams takes a great deal of courage, but is well worth the effort you put into the journey. Getting the Acting Classeseducation you need to follow your dreams can be challenging in a tight economy when you may be working full time in order to care for a family or just pay your own bills. This applies to the arts such as acting just as much as it does any other career path. This being said, there are a number of ways you can get in your acting classes and still manage your other commitments

Choosing The Right Acting Classes

While there are a number of great programs at traditional universities and conservatory programs, there are also some alternatives that might make it easier to fit into your schedule. Those who are looking forward to becoming an actor can also be accomplished by taking classes from individual acting studios. This is an excellent way to learn what you need to know without having to take acting classes at a traditional university.

Real Life Acting Classes

Another excellent way to get the training you might get in acting classes is to get some on the job training. Taking a job or even an internship in the acting world could really supply you with some of the best education you can get. You will learn a great deal from watching professionals in the building do the job you hope to have one day. You may also have an opportunity to ask them valuable questions and get excellent feedback that you can use in your quest for an acting career.

Barter For Acting Classes

If you are looking for a way to get the education you would get in acting classes, but don’t have the money you need to pay for it, consider approaching someone in the business and ask if they would trade you personal coaching and classes for some other type of service you could provide such as being their assistant part time. This is an excellent way to learn about the business from the perspective of an assistant as well as soak up some great information and advice from someone who has achieved their goals in the acting field.

Regardless of how you get your acting classes or where you learn the trade, making sure that you stick to what you desire most and work toward your goal is essential. There are many ways to do things and just because one way doesn’t work for your life doesn’t mean that you can’t find another that fits in perfectly and gives you positive results. Really knowing what your goals are and simply going for it is important. Taking the time to explore all your options and finding new ways to get your acting classes will certainly give you some direction in your journey to becoming a great actor. Get serious about your desire to become an expert at your acting craft and do the work. The results will be something to be proud of and you will get there one step at a time. Remember to take each step as a learning experience toward your goal. Acting classes will always help you!

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Acting Schools Offer Many Approaches To Performing Careers

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How To Pick The Right Acting Schools

Acting schools offer training for many career paths such as performing in films, television, theater, advertising and voiceovers or working in

Acting Schools

Photo credit by Tim Appelo, Hollywood Reporter

various production aspects of stage, screen and film. These courses give students formal or informal training throughout the country, but many people choose schools located near film, theater or television hubs. Schools vary tremendously in their approaches, so students should research schools, their accreditations, courses of study, and instructors before making decisions. Different schools provide varied benefits, so choose the training program that best suits personal goals, budgets and qualifications.

Four-year acting conservatories teach music, dance, acting, directing, and producing. Plays, television shows, movies, documentaries, and other media offer many opportunities for careers in the dramatic arts. Well-known conservatories, such as The Juilliard School, have demanding admission requirements. Competition for admission limits space to the top acting schools candidates, but students can find scholarships and financial aid to help them attend. In general, the costs and competition for admission make this option suitable only for the most talented and qualified students.

3 Types of Acting Schools

Four-year degree programs offer students well-rounded educations with majors in acting and other behind-the-scenes production disciplines. These acting schools give students all the benefits of traditional four-year colleges, and many actors benefit from comprehensive educations. However, serious performers often find college life limiting. People who commit wholeheartedly to acting careers find the need for studying other subjects wasteful of their time.

Two-year degree programs offer drama students more focused acting lessons and classes. Costs of educations drop dramatically for the dramatically inclined, but these certifications offer fewer benefits outside the performing industry. Acting careers prove very competitive, and many people never realize their dreams, so two-year acting programs might fail to offer suitable training for any kind of career.

Private acting schools can range from four year programs to specialty classes at beginning, intermediate or advanced skill levels. Students can brush up on essential skills they need to enhance their acting profiles. Classes might focus on film, television, theater, or acting styles such as method acting, the Meisner Technique, or Chekhov Technique. Students can learn on-camera techniques, technical tricks, voice inflection, stage presence, and body movement.

Choosing The Right Acting Schools For You

Choosing acting schools always involves decisions from students and schools in a two-way process. Some schools offer easy admission, but others have stringent requirements and demand personal auditions, interviews, and performing histories. Students choosing post-secondary education venues need to study the schools and match their needs with accessible, affordable programs to give them the best shot at successful acting careers. Fo more information check out this great list of the top acting schools in the USA.

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